How did I get to be called Wild Photo need to ask!
No really, because of my Wildlife naturalist interest.


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Mike Mercier is a photographer for a bi-weekly newspaper called The Lapeer County Press by day and Wild Photo Guy by ...

I have been active in photography for the past 30 years. Being in the right place at the right time has been the norm for me in getting jobs in photography and education in photography.

I started out working at the US Post Office in the early 70's and was a local and a state officer. As an Editor of the local Union newspaper I was handed a camera and told to get the picture.

After leaving the Postal Service I worked for G-Photographic and we did all kinds of photography such as Industrial , Public Relations, Portraits, Weddings, and Automotive photography for Chrysler. Then I moved to the country - Dryden Michigan right next to 7-Ponds Nature Center.

When I am not snapping shots at work I am taking pictures at 7-Ponds Nature Center or on a wildlife tour with Naturalist Endeavors Tour.

These photos are just a sampling of my work. If you are looking for special shots just e-mail me at


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